Fragrance - Warning!

Today I would like to share with you what the word "fragrance" means when it is listed on a product.

Fragrance is in just about every product you could imagine, hair, face, underarm, body washes, moisturises, feminine hygiene, perfumes and cleaning products, the list goes on.

Most people love to smell, it triggers an emotion whether it is a happy, calm, euphoric or a dislike to it.

However a lot of people won't know how a fragrance is made.

Everyone knows KFC 11 herbs and spices recipe is a "secret recipe" held in a vault somewhere.... right?

Well did you know the word "fragrance" is pretty much the same?

It is a recipe "owned" by the person or manufacturer that made it...... they don't have to tell you what is in it, it is called "proprietary".

What does that mean for us?

Well it's not good news.....

Fragrance is a chemical cocktail, of up to a hundred different chemicals blended together to create a scent, just so it smells nice to whom ever likes that smell.

Perfumes are just that, a chemical concoction, no wonder why some people can't stand certain smells and creates headaches, migraines and even seizures and anaphylactic responses.

I've been looking at all these so called "Natural" products advertised on our shelves and see that most use a fragrance (not to mention Parabens etc)

Some even include essential oils in their ingredients list with an * next to it, but they are included in their *fragrance recipe.

Apologies for the blurry print, but I am sure they make their product images small so you can't actually read what is on the ingredients list......

This now tells me that yes it has essential oils but it's now mixed with a chemical concoction!!

This really annoys me as a lot of people are trying to avoid chemicals and buy natural products and probably don't realise the fragrance is the worse ingredient as you "Don't" actually know what it is made of and can't make a conscious decision.......

I know fragrance is listed last and we have been taught the first 3 ingredients contains the most, so there can't be that much in it... Right?

See here the ingredients of Lynx - goodness why anyone would want to put this all over their body's..... first 3 ingredients are gases .......and it is no wonder most of us women hate it and it is supposed to attract women...... well guys it doesn't!

I guess the only way around this is giving people the information and getting them to read the ingredients on their products, and if it has Fragrance or Colourant, please avoid these they are not good for your body or health.

You can use this site to check chemicals to see if they are deemed ok

Keep safe and keep smiling

Sharing information is powerful!

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