Bug Off.....!

It's that season again, with the up and down Summer weather..... well in the South Island anyway!

Time for those nasty little critters that invade your fur babies and making their life just a wee bit

un-happy....... itching and scratching and not to mention ending up in your carpets..... yes the old Flea!

Well I'm not too keen on commercial shampoos as you may know, so I've created a lovely gentle bug fighting dog wash.

It is basically the same recipe that I make for us humans with added neem oil. This oil comes from the Neem tree indigenous to India, every part of the tree is used.

They put nets around the bottom of the tree and collect bark and leaves and use it for its medicinal properties, it is called the "village pharmacy" and it is in all kinds of products for healing purposes.

I have been using Neem for years to control bugs on my plants as it is safe and organic.

Does it kill bugs, fleas and nits..... Absolutely!

I have two blends, one with peppermint and lavender blend both great for stimulating hair growth and the other cedar wood and geranium both great for deterring fleas.

100% natural, your pets will come out clean and fluffy, their skin will heal, they will scratch less and they will love you for avoiding nasty chemicals!

Suitable for most pets, dogs, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats but not for cats, cats are extremely sensitive to essential oils.

Kids going back to school....... it's also great for getting rid of Nits!

Are you a gardener? grate about a tablespoon of soap and dilute with hot water, then add cold for a great bug spray!

Check out my video of Poppy my Cairn Terrier getting a wash to see how well the bar lathers!

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