What one man did for his community!

I was walking my dogs down to the local park the other week, I love walking as I get to see everyone's gardens with flowers blooming and just taking in mother nature. Anyway there was new item on Flannery street, Leeston which well...... not only intrigued me but was astounding.

Someone had gone to a lot of effort to build a sizeable shelter/stall......

Quite a few people sell plants, flowers, eggs and honey outside their homes and is always a treat for me as you wouldn't get this living in a city, and there is always spare fruit hanging over fences which I must admit I acquired in the Summer months..... why not most of it usually ends up on the ground.

I got my experience from living close to the Red Zone in Christchurch, with most people vacating their home and land, homes being demolished, but they left their gardens. Every Sunday I would come home with a boot full of fruit and veggies, peaches, plumbs, currents, raspberries, unusual pears and apples, grapes, Chinese veggies and the list goes one, my mum always said "Waste not, Want not", so why not.. lol!

Anyway back to the shelter.... on this shelter sits quite a range and abundant of food.

Kale, silver beet, potatoes, cabbage, eggs, fresh herbs, garlic, lemons and canned food.

This is not for sale, but a community food drop off and pick up. It is free produce for the local community. Whoa..... for real? How brilliant is that!

It is generally always full, and I really don't think I should take anything as I have plenty.

A couple of times going past some of the veggies look worse for ware from sitting outside, unfortunately facing the sun at the hottest time of the day which made me wonder if anyone is actually taking the food?

So today I thought... "you know I think a would like to take some", I chose purple potatoes, turnip (but it turned out to be a purple and white beetroot) and a lemon, cooked up the veg for tea, quite nice, can't say I've had a purple potato before!

As I love to garden, I myself usually have a plenty of veggies available, too much sometimes! So I either give it away or freeze it. This year because of this fabulous shelter I will know where to gift it to.

And you can thank a local man Mike (from Flannery Street) who wanted to give something back to the community, well done you! and with the aid of "The Promotion Matters Team" (see info on sign above), who supplied the shelter and signs. If you take a pic of the stand and post it to their Facebook page, each month they draw one lucky winner to receive a goodies pack, not bad something for nothing...... right?

So people of Leeston, if you are short of something pop on down to Flannery street and you may find an array of food to get you through one evening or two of eating and if you have too much in your garden or pantry drop them off to share.

Keep smiling


Dee Butcher

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