This made me cry.......

Tears of joy!...........Hello everyone!

Today I just wanted to share with you a remarkable email I received from a customer...... it literally brought me to tears......

To know that by creating a natural product that I have helped someone through a difficult moment in their life, and this makes me really happy for them, and for me...... more passionate about what I create for others.

I have had permission from my customer to share this as she herself is hoping to help others.


Hi there, I just wanted to get in touch as I’ve been using your Charcoal and Tea Tree Face Bar for a couple of weeks now and wanted to give some feedback. Where has this been all my life!?!!

I’ve had ‘problem’ skin for about the last 16 years, with very sensitive but very oily skin, leading to my fair share of acne. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on skin care each year, trying anything and everything available but never finding the ‘right balance’ of strong enough but not too-strong for my temperamental face. It wasn’t severe enough to seek medication or extreme measures, but bad enough to bring me down on a daily basis. For the last decade or so I’ve been on and off Proactive, as it is so relatively expensive and time-consuming to use, but it’s the only range that’s consistently kept my skin calm and healing.....

Until now...... My face felt deeply clean and calm from the very first use of your Charcoal and Tea Tree Face Bar.

I purchased it because I thought the combination of ingredients sounded like just what my skin needed - cleansing and thorough without being too rough or drying. I’ve used it consistently since it arrived, and I don’t think my skin has ever been this happy and settled.

Out at dinner a few nights ago, my partner asked if I was wearing makeup for a change, as he noticed my skin was so even, calm, and clear. I wasn’t. It was your face bar. I’m sorry that this is a bit of an over-sharing novel of an email, but I wanted to let you know how beyond thrilled I am with this product (and the little gifts made my room smell incredible when I opened the box!).

I will definitely be ordering more of this bar when I start to run low, as after nearly two decades I’ve finally found a product I love that loves my skin back! Thank you so much for creating this product, and for the care and attention you put into the package. I truly, deeply, and whole-heartedly thank you. All my thanks and kindest regards, - Alice, a VERY happy customer!

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