Lets talk Soap!

Well yes I'm addicted to making and using soap! not a bad thing to be addicted to......

Soap has been around a really long time, since about 2800 B.C, Babylonians were apparently the first ones to master it. They made soap from fats boiled with wood ashes. Generally this soap was used to wash wool and cotton for textiles not actually for bathing in.

I am sure the early settlers of New Zealand also made soap from animal fats mixed with wood ashes, alot like a greasy goop looking concoction!

Soap cannot be made without using lye (caustic soda or sodium hydroxide which is a salt). The lye is mixed with water then added to warmed oils then blended.

Once blended it can be poured into a mould to let set, and to saponify.

Cold processed soaps are simply mixed as above and not cooked, they need to cure for 4 to 6 weeks so the lye eventually disappears during the saponification.

Hot processed soap, once blended is cooked in a pot or double boiler, the lye then is basically cooked out of the mixture, no need to cure and can be used immediately, however if left to cure up to two weeks it makes a harder bar.

Here is an example, cold on the top left and hot in a crockpot on the bottom right.

Up side to cold process soaps are that you can create lots of different designs, down side they tend to loose colour and aroma while curing, whereas hot process you a limited slightly with design and they sometimes have a lovely rustic look about them and the aroma is stronger due to the essential oils being added at the end, but they are still both great soaps!

Move2eco soaps are make are made from pure ingredients, no synthetic chemicals and are absolutely beautiful on your skin.

We are getting wonderful feedback from customers who suffer from skin conditions saying that their eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis is going or even gone after using our natural soaps just after a week or so, which is great news for them!

Make sure when you are choosing a soap that basically "if you can't eat most of the ingredients" then they are probably not that really good for your skin or you!

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