What a load of rubbish or not!

So a wee while ago just as NZ was starting to ditch plastic shopping bags I challenged people via Facebook as to how they were going to collect their rubbish for bin day.

I'd imagine most people these days have a plastic bin, so options for this were to line the bottom with newspaper or not at all then just rinse the kitchen and wheelie bin after emptying.

I've been using the paper bags that our potatoes come in, actually they're my husbands potatoes and he goes through loads!

Or any item that may come in a bag, eg a bread bag, dog and cat food bags.

While shopping I am mindful of the items I purchase going for paper, tin or glass, sometimes you have no option.... or do you ask yourself first "do I really need that?"

I've also been collecting all paper that comes into the house and use it for packaging or shred by hand and put in a bucket of water and wait for it to turn into a soft pulp.

The reason for recycling the paper into pulp was because I am concerned how I'm going to light our fire in the coming years.

Currently our lovely neighbours drop off their newspapers as we don't read the paper and if you're seen the press of late, I really don't know how much longer it will be produced.

So in a state of panic I'm started looking into how to make fire starters so hence collecting paper.

So, I shred all paper including toilet rolls as they are always available! Into a bucket of water, turning every now and again, leaving for a week or two.

A lovely work colleague made me a rod with a piece of metal attached, I transferred the paper and water into a tougher bucket, pop the rod into a drill and blend away!

Once it is pulped I transfer into old seed trays and squish some water out then let drain until dry, then they are cut up into chunks for burning, that is the idea anyway..... I will update on my progress :)

See video below

Adding sawdust apparently to the mix also soaks up the extra water and adds to the burn rate, this I will add next time around, lucky we have a wood turner in Doyelston that always has scraps and he said it's fantastic for your garden and veggie patch!

Another suggestion from a friend, save tea bags, dry them out...now... they dip them in diesel not so eco. You can also use Paraffin wax although there is some debate on whether or not these are considered okay due to them being created from a by-product of petroleum . After reading several written extractions, it seems that it is not considered toxic but does omit an odour.

I thought I could dip them in beeswax but I feel unless you have your own bees and have wax on hand this is quite an expensive exercise and beeswax I think should be used in more beneficial products such as creams, balms, candles and soaps.

So I'm sharing this info now so you can get started and ready for next winter!

The aim I suppose is to reduce buying items that produce rubbish and if you do have rubbish other than sorting it for the council to deal with, think of ways you could use it yourself.

Also make sure you read your yellow bin recycle info so you don't put things it that aren't recyclable as this may well just end up in landfill.

I'd love to hear from anyone about their ideas too, knowledge is power!

Keep smiling

Dee Butcher


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