Shampoo.. Why pay for water?

That's right.... Liquid shampoo is just that, soap mixed with enough water to create a liquid you can squeeze out of a bottle!

The word shampoo comes from India champu meaning to massage. The Indians used soapnuts (Sapindus) boiled and mixed with herbs to create a soapy lather which left the hair soft, shiny and manageable.

Soapnuts (Spapindus)

My first memory of liquid shampoo is Egg Shampoo and VO5..... maybe even with Farrah Fawcett Major advertising Wella Balsam with her beautiful hair that I envied.....

It was Hanz Swartzkroft that invented the first liquid shampoo in 1927 and later in 1930 Drene Shampoo created by Procter & Gamble of Cincinnati, Ohio changed the ingredients from natural to synthetic.

I wonder why shampoo went from solid bars to liquid, both have to have added water to work.

More than likely just another way just to market a product and in doing so to make a product cheaper and gain more profits manufactures have chosen chemicals to extend the product.

I assume over time when a simple product such as a soap bar fades away and we then don't have the access to that product we just buy what's available and the generations coming through may never know that shampoo once came in soap bar form.

Now with the trend of "ditching the plastic" shampoo bars are making a come back!

When choosing products for your body, make sure that the ingredients listed are completely natural.

As I have sensitive skin I always read the ingredients list first and unfortunately many manufacturing companies may advertise their product as "Natural" but they are just fooling you!

If you can't pronounce half the ingredients or you can't eat most of the ingredients listed then I would think it is not very good for you.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body so consider what you are putting on it.

Move2eco Shampoo Bars are 100% natural, No nasties in these amazing bars!

If I can make Shampoo Bars 100% natural, why can't the manufacturers?

Keep Smiling

Dee Butcher


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