It's amazing how inventive people become when they choose an eco option.

To look at an object and think now "can I use this item again in another way before just throwing it out?"

Oranges, Oranges, Oranges....... I love oranges!

New Zealand Oranges are absolutely beautiful.... juicy, sweet and leave a fresh taste in your mouth.

I've swapped using Bananas in my smoothies to Oranges, adds fibre, naturally sweetens it and is super refreshing!

If you use lots of oranges and throw the peel away, consider doing this next time.

Cut up the peel in small pieces, place in a large jar, half fill the jar with white vinegar, pop the lid on and leave for a week or more.

Repeat this each time you cut up an Orange until you can't fit anymore.

Shake the jar each day.

What do you do with the Orange vinegar?

You use it to clean with!

Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle. If you have lots pour it into a larger container, reuse something you already have.

Spray on any surface to clean (always do a patch test first).

Sprinkle tough areas with bicarb of soda then spray with the orange vinegar, it will fizz a little, leave for 10 min then clean.

Great for cleaning ovens, benches, bathrooms... Everything really!

Eco cleaning is just getting back to the basics.

Yes you have to use just a little elbow grease, but at least what goes down the sink is environmental...

Not to mention chemical free for your home and yourself.

So next time your about to throw anything out take a second to ask yourself, can I reuse this in anyway?

Keep smiling

Dee Butcher


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