Count Down to Winter!

Hi, today I was walking around my garden as I usually do most days checking to see what else needs to be done….

What needs pruning, what’s dying back and hibernating for winter and what plants are popping up or flowering and of course checking on the plants I have covered with our FROST-EZE Plant Protector Bags and sure enough they are doing the job!

Not only do they protect from Frost, Wind, Hail, Sleet or Snow….. the bag creates a thermal effect!

All my plants under the bags are still producing new healthy buds, especially my Figs, Aloe and Succulents….

So what are the benefits of FROST-EZE Plant Protector Bags again?

  • Full cover with drawstring

  • Easy On – Easy Off

  • Temperature as low as -13 degrees

  • Perfect for fruit trees, potted patio trees, hanging baskets, shrubs and tall upright trees

  • Moisture, light and air penetrate for healthy plants

  • Made from 50gms UV Stabilized Spun Polypropylene

  • Durable, reusable, and easy to fold away

  • Protects your plants from Frost, Sleet, Snow and Wind

  • Creates a thermal effect

  • Available in 3 convenient sizes

So for the next 24 hours we would like to OFFER YOU a 20% DISCOUNT !to try our Product

FROST-EZE Plant Protector Bags so you REALLY can get the same benefit we have and many others in protecting our plants!

Enter 20FROST at the check out

Keep smiling!



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