Today I thought I would share with my customers another benefit of REBORN Activated Charcoal Powder.

With the two great natural ingredients of Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay they are not only great for getting your teeth looking fab by absorbing toxins, removing tannins and stains and detoxifying your mouth……. they are also fantastic as a face mask!

That’s right…… just splash some warm water on your face, use a facial brush and dab it into the pot of Activated Charcoal, then brush gently onto your face, until you get a good coverage.

At this point....... you will look absolutely fabulous….. well it makes me laugh anyhow!

Leave on for 20 mins.

Rinse and gently rub off using a dark coloured face washer to help remove the residue.

If any residue is left an extra clean with your cleanser should remove the balance.

This is something I treat myself to once a week to exfoliate and I have found that the size of my pores has reduced and my skin feels lovely, fresh and smooth.

I prefer the powdered charcoal over the peel off ones as I had a bad experience with a peel off once.

It stuck to my face so well that when I peeled it off it literally removed all the very fine natural hairs on my face and it really hurt as well.

Also the peel offs have other chemicals in them which defeats the purpose of using something natural......

Give it ago and let me know your experience with our product.

Keep Smiling



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