Conventional Frost Cloth vs FROST-EZE!

Hey, I was just reading through my emails and am loving the excitement and feedback I’ve had from so many customers that have tried our FROST-EZE Plant Protector bags and getting Awesome results!

But I have recognised that there are also some of you that are still kinda skeptical and wonder if this FROST-EZE Plant Protector Bag is nothing but just another fly by night product?

I completely get it!

Frost cloth has been around for a long time… we’re talking way back to the 1800’s….

So I ask this….. why haven’t they come up with an better product and an easier way to cover your plants?

Most conventional frost cloth sold is a fabric weight of around 20gms, very light weight, tears quite easy and on a very, very frosty morning or during storms it just doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do…. protect your plants! …..Right?

I know…. because that’s what I used to use but not anymore!

FROST-EZE Plant Protector Bags are made from 50gm Spun Polypropylene and allow moisture, light and air to penetrate for a healthy plant and they are reusable and even washable! and best of all they will protect your plants to temperatures as low as -13° degrees

Check out this video ….. in May this year we had up to 100kms wind gusts, this is really impressive!

You know the next day I checked out the 3 plants under that bag (all succulents) and amazingly they were all in good condition….. if that bag wasn’t on, I think most of the leaves would have been stripped off!

So we would REALLY like for you to try out our product and get the same benefit we have in protecting our plants! Give it a try this Winter.......

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