I would like to share a story with you why I love our product so much…….

I am very proud to say I am in my 50's and still have my own teeth…. with a few minor adjustments… it didn’t really help being head butted by a horse and damaging one of my front teeth…. ouch!

So would you like to know what REBORN stands for?

Reusable Environmental Biodegradable Organic Recyclable Natural

Any of our products that come from a Natural, Reusable and Sustainable resource will carry the REBORN brand

Now, I know how important it is to me to keep my pearly whites white and to all those people who are struggling to find a product that can naturally take care of their teeth and of course the environment.

Ok…… so I would REALLY love to encourage you to try our Product so you can benefit from using a natural teeth whitener that doesn’t cost the EARTH …..!

What are the benefits again?

  • Removes stains to Whiten and Brighten

  • Helps prevent bad breath and gum disease

  • Absorbs plaque and microscopic titbits that stain teeth

  • Promotes good oral health by changing the PH balance of the mouth

  • Activated Charcoal made from raw Coconut Husk – a reusable resource

  • Calcium Bentonite Clay - detoxing and cleansing

  • Organic Mint

  • Is absolutely 100% Natural!

  • Less stress on the Earth

You couldn’t get more Natural than REBORN!

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