What is Really Natural?

Coming from a person who has had allergies and reactions to many products toothpaste would be at the top of my list!

For many years I suffered from a very dry mouth and throat, constantly drinking water all day to quench my thirst and during the night I would wake up gagging from dryness!

After great research and watching of all people Dr OZ, I found out these commercial toothpastes and whiteners were the cause, and even if they stated they were natural they still contained harsh chemicals such as SLS ….

I mean who actually knows what chemicals these are unless they google them…?

Sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium dodecahydrophosphate, hydrogen peroxide , sodium hydroxide and many others the list just goes on…..

So…. they REALLY can’t be that great for your teeth or body….. Right?

So when it came to removing stains caused by years of Tea, Coffee and Wine and being able to brighten and whiten my teeth the dream seemed near impossible….. and that’s when I discovered the power of Activated Charcoal!

What I like about REBORN Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder it is just so….. Natural and no harsh chemicals!

Activated Charcoal made from Raw Coconut Husks, Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay and Organic Mint, that is it!

It’s so easy to use, almost the same as general brushing with a few added steps, check out the

on our website for “how to use”.

Well I hope you have discovered from my message today how easy it is to get your teeth clean and bright without using commercial chemically filled whitening toothpastes.

If you didn’t have the option before….NOW you know you can whiten them Naturally! and also help the environment by using a reusable resource - REBORN Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder!

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