Reborn Natural Teeth Whitener

All Natural Ingredients   No Nasty Chemicals 

Made From  Activated Charcoal from Coconut Shell,  

Calcium Bentonite Clay & Organic Mint Extract - That's it!


It's 100% natural & vegan friendly

Eco Friendly Packaging!

bring back your smile today!

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Christie Loves Reborn

Please note: packaging has changed from plastic container to more eco friendly packaging



Thank you so much for the REBORN charcoal teeth whitening powder it is truly incredible

and I cannot believe the result I have in just two uses.....


I can see and feel the difference already and I have had so many compliments about my teeth!

Thank you so very much for this wonderful product. I am 100% satisfied!

- Ailean of Auckland -

Thanks so much for the REBORN teeth whitener it works so well!


I got a few friends to try it out and it worked really well on them too.

100% good feed back

- Christie of Christchurch -

Shipping was super dooper quick! Super happy with the products! 

- Abbey of Christchurch -

Amazing! I drink red wine and black coffee and saw a difference after the first use! I wish I'd taken a before pic...I also wish I started using this ages ago! I have used it maybe 5 times now and can really see the change! Thank you!!! 

- Beth of Waiuku NZ -