Facial "the Kiwi way"!

Hello all, today I'd like to share with you one of my favorite, cheap and beneficial ways to give your facial skin some loving! The old mighty Kiwi fruit..... That's right... This small encapsulated little wonder holds within itself a beautiful enzyme that breaks down proteins in your skin, leaving your skin soft. What I do is to just cut the Kiwi fruit in half and rub it all over my face. You could scoop it out and mash it all up then apply, that's up to you, but I find my way simpler. Leave on for 10 or 15 mins, then with the outer skin of the Kiwi fruit, gently rub it over your face for extra exfoliation. Do this slowly as it can seem a little rough at first, maybe start on your forehead

Lets talk Soap!

Well yes I'm addicted to making and using soap! not a bad thing to be addicted to...... Soap has been around a really long time, since about 2800 B.C, Babylonians were apparently the first ones to master it. They made soap from fats boiled with wood ashes. Generally this soap was used to wash wool and cotton for textiles not actually for bathing in. I am sure the early settlers of New Zealand also made soap from animal fats mixed with wood ashes, alot like a greasy goop looking concoction! Soap cannot be made without using lye (caustic soda or sodium hydroxide which is a salt). The lye is mixed with water then added to warmed oils then blended. Once blended it can be poured into a mould to l

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